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About Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat pump water heaters take heat from the air around them and heat your water with it. They use less energy than a conventional water heater which may lower your energy bills and save you money over time. Heat pumps also allow you to preheat water during times of the day when power is cheaper and store the hot water for use during peak times when costs are higher.  When compared to conventional electric or gas water heaters, heat pump models can be two to three times more energy efficient!! Incredibly, ENERGY STAR qualified models can save almost $300 annually on electric and gas bills.

Heat Pump Water Heater.

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Heat Pump WH - 80 gal

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More efficient

While gas and electric resistance heaters have a maximum efficiency of 99%, a heat pump water heater can deliver hot water at an efficiency of 300%! Electric resistance water heaters are among the highest energy consuming products in a home. A heat pump water heater can reduce electricity use for water heating by up to 60%. Increased efficiency can also mean lower bills for you.

Safer, cleaner and healthier

Homes and buildings that power appliances with electricity instead of gas are safer—no open flames, no gas leaks, fewer harmful pollutants. Residential natural gas appliances can produce pollutants including carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde and ultrafine particles. These pollutants are harmful and significantly contribute to asthma.

Better for the environment

When you switch from a gas water heater to a heat pump water heater, you’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions and investing in a cleaner, carbon-free future.

Installation and operational considerations

We will help you determine if a heat pump water heater is a good fit for your home and whether any electrical work will be necessary. Here are a few things to be aware of when considering a heat pump water heater:

Electrical considerations: Most heat pump water heaters require a 240V circuit and a 30-amp breaker. Star Energy can help you determine if your home meets the electrical requirements or if your electrical system can be modified to accommodate a heat pump water heater.
Size and airflow: We may recommend a larger capacity water heater to meet your family’s hot water needs. Heat pump water heaters may be taller and wider than your current water heater and they also have specific airflow requirements. If your water heater is located in the garage, you’re probably good to go. If it’s in a utility closet, additional work may be needed to meet size and airflow requirements.
Noise: Heat pump water heaters generate some operational noise, comparable to a loud refrigerator.
Maintenance: In addition to basic water heater maintenance, heat pump water heaters have an air filter that will need to be periodically cleaned.
Exhaust air: A heat pump water heater exhausts cold air after heating your water. This can be a benefit if your water heater is located in your garage or another space that you want to cool in the summer. You can also duct the cool air outdoors or into an adjoining space.
Recirculation pumps: if you have an automated recirculation pump, a heat pump water heater may not be a good fit.
Mixing valve: The program requires the installation of a thermostatic mixing valve to qualify for the rebate.

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HEAT PUMP WATER HEATERS Frequently Asked Questions
Q -

How do I submit a service request?

A -

Just give us a call at 916-457-7817 or email info@starenergyca.com. Please include any information about the service work needed. We will send out a service technician as soon as possible.

Q -

I heard there’s rebates, am I eligible?

A -

If you currently are a SMUD customer, you absolutely are eligible to receive rebates. To ensure that you receive your rebate, you must have your project completed by a SMUD approved contractor. Luckily, Star Energy has been a SMUD approved contractor since 2018. We will handle the paperwork to make this process as easy as possible for you.

Q -

Why a heat pump WH?

A -

Heat pump water heaters are more energy efficient because they move heat while gas water heaters create heat via combustion. It takes significantly less energy to move heat than create it, resulting in less utility costs each month.

Q -

What’s the warranty?

A -

Star Energy automatically offers a 10-year warranty on labor for all products we install. In addition to this, each manufacturer offers their own warranty on parts. These parts warranties usually last for 10 years. If you’d like more details, ask our office at 916-457-7817 or info@starenergyca.com.

Q -

Why should I purchase a new WH?

A -

Aside from the improved energy efficiency of the home, there are currently some stellar rebates being offered for SMUD customers to offset the cost. This means that for some of the best prices seen this decade, you can have a more reliable, energy efficient water heater that costs less in utilities each month.

Q -

What brands do you offer?

A -

We offer quality brands such as Ruud, Rheem, A.O. Smith and Bradford White. We have access to multiple brands, so if there’s one in particular you’re looking for, let your sales rep know.

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