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Upgrade to Energy-Efficient HVAC and Duct Systems

Star Energy provides exceptional quality HVAC systems in Sacramento and all surrounding areas. Our HVAC specialists can help save you money with a new energy-efficient system for your home while taking advantage of SMUD rebates and Tax Credits! For outstanding service and products, contact the professional team at Star Energy today at 916-457-7817 to schedule a free estimate.

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Let Us Help You Take Advantage Of Rebates And Tax Credits:

3 Ton HVAC

System Cost:
SMUD Rebate:
Tech Clean Rebate:
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Net Cost:

*doesn't include duct work or other improvements


Sacramento has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and wet, cool winters. A reliable heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) system keeps your home comfortable and ensures the air in your house is clean year-round.

Keep your energy costs in check by limiting sunlight in your home during hot summer days. Pull your shades and curtains down over windows that let in the most light. Pay attention to the direction of your fans, and remember that turning the thermostat up just a few degrees can reduce your utility bill.

Things To Consider When Transitioning To Energy Efficient Upgrades

Leaking ducts can pull particles and pollutants from the air in the attic, crawl spaces, basements, and other areas of the home, and disperse them inside the house. These leaks can not only increase energy bills, they can cause health issues for your family. Don't let leaks drain the bank and ruin your home or health. Contact Star Energy to help you find affordable solutions for your HVAC system and ducts. Your satisfaction is our guarantee! For expert service and high-quality products, contact us today!

Expert & Reliable Installations From A Trained & Experienced Team

Star Energy has over 30 years of experience in the energy efficiency industry. From sales and installation to maintenance and repairs, our team can do it all! Ensure that your home stays comfortable year-round without running up your utility bills! Star Energy can install your energy-efficient HVAC system with precision.

We only use the most efficient equipment and best brands on the market for our HVAC installations. We offer up to 12 years on equipment warranties and up to 10 years on labor warranties.

For outstanding HVAC services, contact Star Energy today at 916-457-7817 and get started with a free estimate.



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HVAC Brands We Trust

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HVAC Frequently Asked Questions
Q -

What brands do you offer?

A -

We are excited to offer GE Appliances new heat pump technology. We also offer Coleman, Trane, Bosch, Fujistsu, and Haier systems just to name a few. Our owners assess each project to provide the best equipment for each situation.

Q -

Why should I purchase a new HVAC?

A -

Aside from the improved energy efficiency of the home, there are currently some stellar rebates being offered for SMUD customers to offset the cost. This means that for some of the best prices seen this decade, you can have a more reliable, energy efficient HVAC system that costs less in utilities each month.

Q -

What’s the warranty?

A -

Star Energy automatically offers a 10 year warranty on labor for all products we install. In addition to this, each manufacturer offers their own warranty on parts. This ranges from 2-5 years. If you are interested in purchasing an extended parts warranty, let your sales rep know.

Q -

Why should I go through you?

A -

We are one of the few SMUD approved contractors that can offer their rebates. By going through us, you can get up to $3,000 off your HVAC project. In addition to this, our owners are the one’s providing quotes, so they can get you the best deals. A lot of larger companies have to charge more because of the greater overhead. We keep it simple, meaning you walk away with more money still in your pocket. Lastly, we offer exceptional customer service. We take pride in the way our team invests in each individual project, helping you along every step of the process.

Q -

I heard there’s rebates, am I eligible?

A -

If you currently are a SMUD customer, you absolutely are eligible to receive rebates. To ensure that you receive your rebate, you must have your project completed by a SMUD approved contractor. Luckily, Star Energy has been a SMUD approved contractor since 2018. We will handle the paperwork to make this process as easy as possible for you.

Q -

How do I submit a service request?

A -

Just give us a call at 916-457-7817 or email info@starenergyca.com. Please include any information about the service work needed. We will send out a service technician as soon as possible.

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