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Ready to make the most important place in your life beautiful? Upgrade or build your dream home with the very best. We offer the world’s highest-performance fiber cement, engineered wood and vinyl siding, trim, backer board and more—in styles that suit every home style, from historic to modern.

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The Best Siding For Sacramento Homes!

Upgrade or build your dream home with the very best. We offer the world’s
highest-performance fiber cement, engineered wood and vinyl siding, trim, backer board and more—in styles that suit every home style, from historic to modern.

New siding can dramatically improve your home's entire look and feel and will increase your home's property value. We offer both siding and acrylic stucco options to meet your needs and budget.

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When selecting siding, there are five basic points to consider:

Energy Efficiency: Check the R-value rating for energy savings and understand what will be needed as far as insulation beneath the cladding.
Aesthetics: Your siding will be in full view as you come and go, so make sure it is beautiful to you.
Durability: Does it have the strength to resist temperature shifts present in your climate? How does it stand up to everyday wear and tear?
Water Resistance: Water-resistant types of siding will have longer life spans.
Versatility: Make sure the siding has the versatility to meet the varied needs of your specific project. If there are aspects of your home's exterior that will make using a particular type of siding more challenging than others, make sure you understand what the added costs or necessary adjustments will be.

Offering Only the Best

• James Hardie
• Crane Performance Siding
• LP Smartside

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James Hardie invented fiber cement and remains the leader in the field.Fiber cement siding costs less than wood, doesn’t attract pests, and is water resistant to protect against swelling, cracking and buckling—buying you more mileage for your dollar.

James Hardie's Engineered for Climate® siding and trim products help you feel confident that you get the best performance for your region.

Since fiber cement siding (unlike some vinyl siding) is non-combustible and hail-damage resistant, it can sometimes help reduce home insurance premiums.

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Craneboard Vinyl Exterior Siding

Give your curb appeal an instant makeover with the classic, crisp looks of CraneBoard®. They’ve brought a time-tested surface into the 21st century to harmonize with accents of stone, shake and board & batten or to cover an entire façade with smooth integrity. The triple-width, insulated span bridges structural imperfections and therefore bridges the gap between “that’s nice” and flawless. Plus the milled cedar-grain texture, straight face and deep shadows of the 6″ and 7″ profiles give your house a solid, authentic presence.

Vinyl siding is built to last. Vinyl can resist harsh climates, precipitation, bugs, and high summer temperatures.

Energy-Efficient - If you want to save money on energy bills, vinyl siding is the right choice. Insulated vinyl siding will maintain your home's cool temperature during the warm summer and keep it cozy during the cold winter months.

Low Maintenance - No scraping, staining, or painting needed; all it needs is a mild cleaning every so often.

Variety Of Color & Design Options - Vinyl siding comes in a wide assortment of colors, textures, and styles that accent your home's style, adding curb appeal and value.

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LP Building Solutions

As the most durable siding on the market, engineered wood combines the aesthetics of real wood with engineered wood strand technology for superior durability. Withstanding the passage of time, it’s a great choice for versatile applications. Engineered wood siding and trim looks like real wood—only better—with unbeatable durability, longer-lasting beauty, designer colors, and a host of customizable options.

Engineered wood is also a sustainable product. Our partners in siding use 100% sustainably sourced wood fiber to manufacture their products. Get inspired to create a look that sets your home apart!


It costs you nothing to meet one of our owners, Lance Newey and Bryan Fink,  to discuss your next home improvement.

Don’t make compromises from your siding products–side with durability using the best our industry has to offer.

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HIgh Quality SIDING Brands We Trust

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SIDING Frequently Asked Questions
Q -

Does all my existing siding need to be removed?

A -

Often we can repair the bad sections of the existing siding and go over it with new material.

Q -

Can I just replace one section of the walls on the house?

A -

Yes, we can usually match your existing siding and replace the bad sections.

Q -

Does the house always need painting after the siding is done?

A -

With vinyl products or acrylic stucco the walls would not need painting, but the eves might need to be painted to match the new siding. With fiber cement we suggest using primed material and painting the house.

Q -

How long will new siding last?

A -

Many newer siding materials are meant to last the life of the structure. Regular wood siding will last 30- 50 years depending on the exposure of the wall and how well it is maintained.

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